Monroe County Oral History Collection: MCCC

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Monroe County Oral History Collection: MCCC


This collection of interviews is part of a requirement of Monroe County Community College History 155 with Dr. Jim DeVries. Exceptional interviews (audio and transcriptions) are deposited and available to researchers at the Monroe County Library System. Interviews are 30 minutes, recorded on audio or video cassette, with one or more persons of at least 65 years of age. The interviewee could be a relative or close family friend of the interviewer, or an individual assigned by Dr. DeVries. Possible topics for this collections are: immigration experience, immigrants, World War I & II, prohibition, minority groups, women's roles, family, work, schools, churches, transportation, movies, social life, community legends, radio, recreation, sports, holidays, government, The Great Depression, Korean War, important personalities in one's life, family traditions, how one came to settle in Monroe, MI, merchants, Newton Strike, local color.