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Topics include farm life and relations with neighbors; Finnish organizations; the effects of World War I; life as a barber; Socialist and labor movements; a pastor at Wolf Lake; Finns and alcohol; sick care; and a wart cure.

Topics include porcupines; camping in the woods; and deer hunting in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Topics include family history; nursing school and nursing; the life of Finnish immigrants; different nationalities in schools and ethnic relations; life in Marquette, Mich.; and saunas.

Topics include reasons for leaving Finland; her father's activities with the IWW; his being blacklisted and moving to a farm in 1922; his ideology; her own schooling; the role of the school in the community; the St. Louis County school system; and…

Topics include the life of a lumberjack; boxing; baseball; his father's mine accident and his own work in the mines; the 1913 strike; mine timbermen; the Depression; deer hunting; trapping; and Ernest Hemingway in the Copper Country.

Topics include his grandparents coming from Norway; moving first to Hancock and then to Calumet, Mich.; different ethnic groups; the 1913 strike; the Italian Hall disaster; the YMCA; Fourth of July; sports; Prohibition; gambling; the board of…

Topics include his father coming to Ishpeming; railroads; cabbage farming and marketing; potato marketing; the Cohodas family; logging; saunas; horses; dairy farming; cheese factory collapse; ethnic relations; and ice harvesting.

Topics include his genealogy; background and schooling; and the use of hydraulic air compressors in mines.

Topics include her family history; education; her work as a teacher; and teaching Finnish immigrants English.

Topics include his religious beliefs and awakening and his involvement with the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America.
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