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Interviews life & career, newspaper man and Chrysler Corp. Exe.

Oral history interview concerning genelogy of the DeBaptiste family.

Transcript of oral history interview concerning her work as Broadside Press owner and editor.

Transcript of oral history interview concerning life and experiences as a solider in WWII and author. His book True Colors documents his experience as a Korean P.O.W. held of 1004 days.

Biographical oral history interview, including discussion of career as Detroit firefighter. He was the first African-American to be promoted to barralion chief in the Detroit Fire Department.

Interview concerning life and career as a mortician and Detroit funeral director.

Transcript: concerning her early life, education and teaching career in Dale, Montgomery, and Coffee counties Alabama.

Interview concerning life, African-Americans in Detroit, and genelogy of Pelham family.

Transcript concerning life, career, war experience, Detroit in the 1940's and teaching experiences in Ghauna

Biographical interview: including discussion of involvement with the Detroit Housewives League and the National Housewives League
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