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Interview with four participants in the first organized teachers’ strike in the United States, conducted in 1974 as part of the History of Minnesota Labor Project.

Interview with the AFT president, focusing on New York City politics during the 1970’s, conducted by Miriam Shore as part of the “New York Jews in Politics” project sponsored by the American Jewish Committee.

Interview conducted under the auspices of Columbia University, 1965. Transcript in Box 8 of the Jablonower Collection.

Interviews conducted by Philip A. Korth and others at Michigan State University as part of his research on the 1934 Auto-Lite strike in Toledo, Ohio, 1973. Some interviews contain releases.

Interview describes the wholesale grocery business.

Interview covers the United Farm Workers

Interview covers the IWW and Tom Mooney

Interview covers the San Francisco Bay Area Writers and Artists

Interview covers the ILGWU

Mrs. Francis Albrier was the first black women welder and member of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders and Helpers of the AFL-CIO in Richmond, CA during WWII. In this interview Albrier recalls the problems she had…
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