Eva Caradonna Oral History

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Eva Caradonna Oral History


Eva Cardonna grew up Detroit and worked as a medical technician in a Doctors office for 20 years. Cardonna was looking for a change and after completing a carpentry class enrolled at the Ferndale Carpenters Local apprenticeship school. Cardonna describes her first day on the job and how she learned to adjust to an all-male work environment. After completing her apprenticeship Cardonna was recruited to work for Cadillac Motor Cars in 1983 as a result of an EEOC settlement. She was the first outside skilled tradeswomen and was able to find work for other female skilled tradeswomen. Soon she was offered a promotion as a supervisor and continued in that position. The interview concludes with a discussion on the change in the Union over the last 20 years regarding minorities and equality, and the relationship between UAW and IBEW.

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Raucher, Margaret; Advisory Group Members


Caradonna, Eva, 1955-

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South Dakota; 1939-1974


“Eva Caradonna Oral History,” Michigan Oral History Database, accessed July 24, 2024, http://www.database.michiganoha.org/items/show/1799.

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