Ann Francis Oral History

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Ann Francis Oral History


Ann Francis, a member of UAW Local 652, was a pipefitter, recruiter and instructor for the UAW-GM apprentice program at Oldsmobile plant in Lansing until her retirement. Francis joined the Peace Corps after college and taught English in Malaysia. After her service ended she taught in Tennessee then earned a Masters and took a teaching job outside of Lansing, MI. Francis taught in alternative education program where she was introduced to the skilled trades. She became interested in vocational education and realized that in order to teach the trades she needed to become a tradeswomen. She left her teaching position to work on the line at Oldsmobile and became an apprentice pipefitter in 1979. After working as a pipefitter for a few years Francis took a newly created position at the plant which required both a journeyman’s card and a college degree. After two years Francis began to work in a joint program with GM/UAW recruiting women and minorities. Francis retired in1998 and at same time started interviewing for her oral history “Journeys of the Uninvited: a Feminist Oral History of Tradeswomen in the Auto Industry”. Francis completes the interview with discussion of her oral history experience and her feelings on the role of affirmative action in the trades.

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“Ann Francis Oral History,” Michigan Oral History Database, accessed July 24, 2024,

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