Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Billups Oral History

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Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Billups Oral History


Joseph Billups was one of the first members of Local 600. He worked at Ford and was fired numerous times for his union association. Mr. and Mrs. Billups discuss their roles with the Ford Hunger March of 1932, their participation with the Detroit Unemployment Council and Soup Kitchens, and the assistance they provided for evicted persons before the founding of the welfare department. Billups describes the Nat Turner Club, a progressive group that influenced the advancement of Civil Rights. He recalls his involvement striking various auto plants and Henry Fords’ recognition of the union. Billups recalls how he became pro-union and explains the reasons that other black auto workers did not participate in union activities.

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McBride, Roberta


Billups, Joseph, 1893-; Billups, Rose,

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Detroit, MI; 1996-2004


“Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Billups Oral History,” Michigan Oral History Database, accessed June 13, 2024,

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